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I’m a coffee lover, online coach, superhero movie buff and Intermittent Fasting Expert.

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Recent Blogs

27/06/2019 in Podcast

Episode #244 – Dieting Mistakes Part Two

One of the most common mistakes in the world today, in all aspects of life, is comparing your life with others. People often get impatient with their progress and let…
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25/06/2019 in Podcast

Episode #243 – Dieting Mistakes Part One

Frustrations will come along in every fat loss journey, especially if there are no results seen over a period of time. However, people don't realize that the reason why they…
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24/06/2019 in Men's Nutrition

How To Make Dieting Easier

Dieting doesn't have to be hard. No, really, it doesn't. The only reason you think it's going to be is that everyone else makes it out to be. The reason…
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24/06/2019 in Podcast

Episode #242 – The Best Dieting Tips

Many types of diet are out in the market; however, they all have one principle and that is being on a calorie deficit. There are many ways to attain this…
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